Thursday, June 1, 2017

Easy Paw Patrol Cake, A Rocket ship!!!

I loved making this cake for my little Superboy. Superboy turned 5 and just like ALL OTHER HUMANS of age 5 and under, saying he adores Paw Patrol would be an understatement. Well, I wanted to make him happy by making him a homemade paw patrol cake, because homemade is how I roll. But let's be honest, I was not in the mood to make anything complicated like my damn Elmo Cake. So, how does one do this? Use the colours of Paw Patrol and create anything. Do they have a rocket ship on the show? I don't think so but it doesn't matter because I made one in the colours of Paw Patrol. Genuis. And making a rocket? Looks super impressive, and it's super easy, well, my idea of easy...

Check it out:


Bake 3 cakes: 2 round cakes, 1 rectangular cake.

Part 1: Bake two 8' or 9' round cakes as the base. Cover with crumb coating (icing). Using a dowel, stick it in the center of the cakes. For a more stable tower cake, drill a hole in your wooden cake plater and put your dowel in the hole. Then pierce the cakes through the dowel. You'll need a long dowel if using this method. You can see how I did this cake base platter in my Elmo post.

Then, using a shape cutter or like I did, using an empty soup can, cut out your third cake, a 9'x13' flat cake, into circles. I made 6 circles with my can, pictured below. Or for something easier, use donuts!

I didn't take as many pictures of the process, hope you can follow along with my directions. Frost in between cake circles.

Step 2:

Apply toast as your wings! Seriously, this is too easy. Instead of cutting out shapes from leftover cake (which there wasn't much of), I used two pieces of bread and toasted them for rigidity.

Love toast...might use this more often! There's plenty of cake for everyone, so who cares if special parts aren't cake. It works.

Now you're ready for icing. Make LOTS of blue icing. Double your recipe, at least. And ALWAYS decorate the front first. This is my major rule. I often run out of icing so if my stars are far apart in the back and you can see the cake in between, it won't matter, because it's the back of the cake.

I love sky blue icing...

And finally, I added some marshmallow to the fluffy rocketship smoke/clouds for extra fluffy effects. It was cute.

I finished off with yellow borders and a red top to use up Paw Patrol colours. Oh yeah, and of course, I used an ice cream cone for the shape of the rocket. I cut part of it off to fit and layered tons of icing to match the size of the tower, because the size of the cone didn't quite fit the tower, but you would never now looking at it. It's icing magic.

And now to add a few Paw Patrol characters to make it an obvious Paw Patrol cake and of course, you have to have sparklers!! (not pictured) and VoilĂ , a Paw Patrol masterpiece! (well, for an amature anyway)

This is a proud Mom-made cake.

No fancy-shmancy bakers here. Perfect for my 5 year old :-)


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