Monday, March 17, 2014

Easy and Beautiful Tinkerbell Cake

 Okay Babes, I've super BADLY neglected this blog. I just wasn't feeling it and just as I'm starting a new blog/website project, I've decided to check in on this one. I feel instantly re-connected and I can't wait to share with you baking projects that I've done over the year. I want to start with my girl's 4th birthday party. This Tinkerbell cake was super easy to make, in fact, this cake was the easiest to make yet and it looks fabulous, if I may say so!

I bought the cake topper on amazon for around $6. Bought some fresh baby's breath flowers and some purple flowers and gave them all a good wash. I also bought a small fake bright pink bouquet from the dollar store.

For extra d├ęcor I spray painted my Halloween pumpkins purple and bought some squash and spray painted them lime green, perfect for my Tinkerbell theme.

I added my leftover babies breath in a crystal vase and made some cake pops since my big girl loves them, but I swear, this is my last year making them!

Okay, so assembly breakdown:

I used my gluten-free I love you chocolate cupcakes recipe (click on link) and tweaked it (which I hope to post soon). If you want a vanilla cake, I suggest you check out my Lucky Vanilla Cake recipe. I made 2 9' round cakes with this recipe. I used a conventional recipe for the icing, replacing regular icing sugar with organic evaporated cane icing sugar. I like to also add a bit of cream cheese ;-)

I like to leave freshly baked gluten free cakes out on the counter overnight, super-tightly wrapped in plastic wrap. I usually always frost my cakes on the day of the party, as I did with this one.
I made the icing the night before and refrigerated it. It's important to make icing ahead of time, I find this step to be very time consuming. I like to bag them in the piping bags the night before as well with tips already planned out.

When my icing was all spread out on the cake and the frillies laid out in twirls and pink flowers piped out, I then went ahead with the very last step: decorating the top and base of the cake with the fresh and fake flowers. I cut the babies breath in smaller pieces and assembled in a ring before gently placing it in the top of the cake. I then added the fake pink flowers then proceeded with the base of the cake. And of course, my Tinkerbell topper was last to place.

It's really easy if you're an experienced cake maker, and even if you're not because here's the secret: 

You can NEVER f*uck up fresh flowers. 

They are just too beautiful to screw up. So if you're not and experienced baker, you'll probably love this even more. You can easily hide your blunders with the flowers, and trust me, this look is very impressive. If you're new on my site, I really recommend you check out my Elmo cake. That one was a monster of a cake. Huge 3-D Elmo Cake

So the moral of this story? Always trust fresh flowers, they will awe everyone and anybody.

So glad to be back!!

Feminartzi Bakes a Cake
by Suzanne



  1. Wow, this looks gorgeous, I love it! Glad to have you back, and I hope your daughter had a nice birthday party!

    1. Thanks Carol! I'm so glad to be back. Just when you think it's useless to have a blog, it calls you back in. :-)

  2. Fantastic cake!

  3. Beautiful cake!! I will have to try this look. Thanks for posting!

  4. gorgeous! I like your use of real flowers.

    1. Thanks, it was my first time using real flowers, and like I said, flowers can dress up any cake. :-)