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I'm a mom of two little darlings under the age of five, I'm an artist, a feminist, a daughter, a partner, an activist, a lover, a baker, a thinker, a blogger. I'm a human being who loves to bake and make super healthy food, mainly desserts. I am who I am and even a radical feminist such as myself can love and live in the kitchen. Go figure!! Join me in my crazy culinary adventures~ cuz we're here to have fun Baby!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Raw Brownies with Simplicity Raw Chocolate Frosting (sugar free and Healthy!)

It's Valentine's Day, my kids are running around wild and I'm in pijamas. It's 'heart's party' Day for my daughter so I better get ready for the big day. But I didn't want to leave you empty handed on this fun, loved-filled day. Here's my treat to you, a guilt free, healthy piece of chocolately goodness. Enjoy. xo