Monday, May 28, 2012

Gluten Free Cheesecake and Chocolate Cake Pops for a Wedding

I made these cake pops for a wedding. It was my first large-scale cake pop making so I was a bit nervous, but I'm so glad I did it. The experience was worth it all.

It was a crazy Sunday when I was thinking up crazy schemes. This particular Sunday I decided that making cake pops as a side business would be a great idea. I then thought of the wedding I was going to a month later and what gift I would get. I put those thoughts together and out came my idea. Make cake pops for their wedding! It would give me experience making a lot of cake pops for someone else and it would be a nice gift since I knew they would appreciate gluten free cake pops. To my lucky surprise, the bride went for it! Ask, and you shall receive I tell you! 100 cake pops, here I come!

So on went the saga of making gluten free cake pops from scratch, for a super elegant event. Yikes! I was in over my head but with some test batches and an eye, or mind for baking, it was pretty straight forward. The hardest part of it all was coating them with the chocolate candy coatings and making the stripes. Once I figured that out it seemed easy as pie. It's not complicated making cake pops but it is very time consuming when making everything from scratch. And if you're making it for someone who has Celiac disease you have to make sure you do make everything from scratch and to read your labels! I thought it would also be nice to make it all from scratch for a wedding because there's something more 'classy' when making it that way rather then from a tub of crappy frosting with 30 unknown ingredients. So off the the chocolate shop I went...

For the Chocolate Cake pops: (I made two cakes to ensure I had extras)

-2 cakes of my I love you chocolate cupcake recipe. I added sour cream to the batter to make it more moist. (about 1/2 cup per cake). Bake the cakes, let cool completely then crumble with your hands or electric mixer.
-Since taste was of utmost importance (being a wedding and all), I made and ol' fashioned American Icing. I then added about 2 cups of icing to the cooled, crumbled cakes.
- I melted a dark chocolate bar of high quality from a health food store, making sure it was not made in a wheat facility. Like Green & Blacks for example. I poured it into the cake pop mixture and blended it by hand.
-Scoop 1 tablespoon of the dough then roll into a ball. Do that 50 times. Or however many you want. Remember that 1 cake will make about 45-55 cake pops. I only doubled the recipe to ensure I had enough to make plenty of mistakes! So if you want to make half the recipe, remember to also cut my icing and melted chocolate amounts.
-Refrigerate until ready to dip.
-Melt you chocolate waffers in a hot water bath or double boiler. I prefer this over microwaving it. Also, I prefer to get waffers from a specialty chocolate shop over the wilton brand candy waffers. I find the coating to be smoother with the higher quality products.

-Dip the end of your lollipop sticks into the chocolate then poke it in your cake ball about 3/4 of the way. I like to measure a stick to my freshly made cake pop to see how far into the cake ball it's in. I made the mistake of making 50 cake pops too shallow. The balls fell off the stick when I tried to coat them, so make sure to put them in 3/4!

-Refrigerate for about 10 minutes, not too long. Dip balls into your chocolate, then rest into a foam block (poke bottom of lolli stick in foam so the ball is straight up to dry). If you want your pops to rest straight up, place your almost dry pop on parchment paper (on top of cookie sheet) to mold a flat bottom.

And voila! you're done. Unless you have sprinkles or other decorations you want to make.

For more detailed information on making cakepops, go to Bakerella's website. She's the inventor of these cute little party favours.

I wish I took pictures during the making of this baking project, I was just too busy and my battery was dead. It would have been nice to show you pictures of them all in rows on the cookie sheets. Anyway, this is what I have for you, the finished product.

I also made a cheesecake cakepop, which was my favourite one. It was covered in white chocolate coating. I first tried using only cheesecake filling like other recipes have mentioned but I found this to not work at all. So I decided to stablelize the cheesecake filling with spongecake which worked like a charm. I added graham cracker style cookies to make the cakepop taste like you have the whole cake in your mouth in one bite. Here's how I make it.

For the cheesecake cake pop: (makes 100 cakepops, easy).

-make a 9" gluten free cheesecake without the crumb bottom.

-make a gluten free white cake. I used my infamous vanilla cake that i've yet to post...

-crumble 10 S'moreables (Gluten-free) and about half the white cake into the frozen cheesecake filling. blend all with your hands and roll into balls.

-Refrigerate, then coat with chocolate.

I'm thinking of possibly starting a little side business, like I mentioned before, but i'm not sure if it's worth it yet. It took so much time making this. Of course, I was figuring things out but still, it might not be worth my time for the money these little suckers are worth, but i'm thinking about it. If you're ever looking for someone to make you some gluten free cake pops in the Vancouver area, send me an email. I might just want to take it on.

It was really nice to have Husband M and I working together. Sure I did almost all of the work but he was a great helper. Especially with tying little white bows.

And of course, I wish all the best to the beautiful couple who had an amazing wedding. They definitely were radiating the love all night and I know they will have an amazing future filled with love, happiness and adventure, cuz life is nothing but a crazy ride.