Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dairy health, myth or fact?

I am absolutely determined to have a better day today. Yes, it's early. A little too early but that's okay because Smiley Baby is still sleeping and Lovely Toddler is playing somewhat not-too-noisely by herself. Awesome. This is a really good start to my day. Yesterday was not so good. I woke up to two screaming kids wanting to get out of their jailhouse rooms. My god I can't stand that wake-up call. But today is better, I can feel it! I might take a day off of obsessing about food and just enjoy what the day has to offer. Hmmm. Now I have Lovely Toddler whining for my attention. Gotta go! So to write this up quickly:

Here's what I thought I should share with you today. The Big Milk Myth.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deviled Easter Eggs and a Late Lunch

Deviled Easter Eggs

I love Easter but every year, a week before Easter, I forget that. Then about two nights before the Big Day, I'm reminded how I love to stuff plastic eggs with fun sugar-free treats, wrap them in crepe paper, tie and curl ribbon, stuff baskets and hide it all. It's sooo fun! And super rewarding. It might be a lot of work to wrap all 20 eggs, but hey, my kid is only going to be two years old once. I stuffed the eggs with what ALL toddlers adore: stickers. I also stuffed a few with strawberries and wrapped some dried fruit bites in coloured candy wrappers. I added markers and small toys in the baskets. My grandma and mother both sent a box of puzzles, cuddly toys and balls for the kids so I wrapped them up too and added it to the loot. (I'll post about alternative egg hunt ideas in further detail next year.)