Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(Raw Vegan) Chocolate Dessert Bars

I'm sitting here finally at the computer (Husband M is away) and I thought it would be a great time to catch up on some blogging. But I can't do it without eating a treat so tonight it's a raw vanilla ice cream. I made it about 6 months ago (seriously!) and it's still sitting in my freezer. It was too sweet when I first made it but I couldn't bring myself to throw it out, I mean it's raw which means expensive nuts. Plus, it was just a little too sweet, nothing really horribly wrong with it. I just haven't wanted to eat it all these months. But tonight I was desperate. And holy it is good! The sweetness has faded in all these months and it's just perfect. Of course I had to scoop the freezer burnt top off. I guess you can freeze raw nuts for awhile after all. And all this goodness is leading me to finally post this little dessert treat that has become a favourite around this house. It's kind of like a Nanaimo bar and kind of like haystacks, and kind of like brownies. If you mix it all up, you get this. And it's healthy :-)

So i'll just cut to the chase.

Chocolate Dessert Bars (Raw)


Raw Chocolate Crust:

2 Cups Almonds

1/2 Cup Walnuts

12 Medjool Dates

3 tbs cacao/cocoa powder

1 tbs Maple Syrup

2 tsp water



6 Medjool Dates

1/4 Cup water to blend with dates

1 Cup Shredded Unsweetened Coconut

1/2 Cup raw cashews

3 tbs Maple syrup (or honey or Agave)

1 tbs Coconut butter (Artisana brand)

2 tbs Coconut Oil

6 drops Stevia


Mochalicious Chocolate Sauce

1 Cup raw cocoa/cacao powder

*1/2 Cup organic pure Maple Syrup

2 tbs water

1 tsp vanilla

1 pinch himalayan or celtic salt

1/2 Cup melted coconut oil

*3 tbs Coconut Milk

*1/2 tsp Decafeinated Fine ground coffee

Stevia to taste

* All starred ingredients are NOT raw. I altered my Simplicity Raw Chocolate Sauce to suite my taste and I have to say this recipe is awesome. If you want a truly raw sauce follow instructions below or alter ingredients: Maple syrup- agave, coconut milk- water, omit coffee. 



Raw Chocolate Crust

Mix nuts in a food processor first then add dates. Blend well, then add other ingredients. If you have a small food processor, you might have to blend half then blend the other half of the recipe then mix together in a bowl. You will have to also take the cover off and move ingredients down with a spoon if you find your 'dough' isn't blending anymore.
When it all looks like top soil, your dough is ready.

 Sprinkle some shredded coconut on your pan to prevent crust from sticking.

Gently press your crust dough into an 8" by 8" square pan.

Make filling:

Blend pitted dates in a blender with water. Blend until smooth. Blend all other ingredients except for the shredded coconut. You may have to pulse a few times to get it going. Add the shredded coconut to the runny mixture after blending. Pour filling onto crust and set in fridge for a couple of hours.

Add a top layer of chocolate sauce.

 You can use Simplicity Raw Chocolate Frosting and just add 5 tbs water, or, as I did, add 2 tbs water, 3 tbs Coconut milk (not raw) and 1/2 tsp of decafeinated fine ground coffee to the base of Simplicity Chocolate frosting. I also reduced the sweetener (I used 1/2 Cup Maple syrup) and added a few drops of stevia. Yumm!! It should set quickly since the bottom layers are going to be cold but I find that it is best to cut the bars one day after making this dish. You can cut it sooner, but I find the top chocolate sauce to set better after a full night in the fridge, and is good for 3 days. Should be gone by day 4, it starts to taste stale by then. (but it's still edible and we loved it till the bitter end.)

I hope you'll enjoy this one. It's a recipe from my heart~


Feminartzi Bakes a Cake
by Suzanne



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