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I'm a mom of two little darlings under the age of five, I'm an artist, a feminist, a daughter, a partner, an activist, a lover, a baker, a thinker, a blogger. I'm a human being who loves to bake and make super healthy food, mainly desserts. I am who I am and even a radical feminist such as myself can love and live in the kitchen. Go figure!! Join me in my crazy culinary adventures~ cuz we're here to have fun Baby!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gluten Free Sunday Crepes

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, gotta love a lazy Sunday morning. The best way to top it off? why waffles of course! So this morning, I tried my pizza dough recipe that had flopped and used it for a waffle recipe. Did not pan out. hmmm...maybe pancakes? nope! well, all I can do now is add a bit of milk and voila! Crepes!!! Okay, so it's not normally on the top of my list, but now that I've had these, I have to say, they're my new favorite Sunday morning crepes.