Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gluten Free Sunday Crepes

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, gotta love a lazy Sunday morning. The best way to top it off? why waffles of course! So this morning, I tried my pizza dough recipe that had flopped and used it for a waffle recipe. Did not pan out. hmmm...maybe pancakes? nope! well, all I can do now is add a bit of milk and voila! Crepes!!! Okay, so it's not normally on the top of my list, but now that I've had these, I have to say, they're my new favorite Sunday morning crepes.

Everyone needs a good Sunday breakfast, and since I still haven't found my waffle recipe, then crepes come in as a close second. These are gluten free and dairy free. Try them with strawberries like I have pictured here, or in a pinch, cook up some apples and cinnamon and your crepes will be delish.

Makes 10, 6-7 inch crepes. Enough to feed 4 normal adults, or 3 really hungry ones. Depends on the toppings.

Sunday Crepes
3 eggs- separated
3/4 Cups rice brown rice flour
1/2 Cups whole almonds
1/2 Cups tapioca flour
1/4 Cups ground flaxseed/flaxmeal
2-3 tablespoons honey (sweeten to your taste, I use 2)
1/4 Cups grapeseed oil
2 Cups almond milk (or sub water)
1/2 tsp celtic sea salt
2 tsp baking powder

My Sunday mornings are really lazy. I've been in the habit of making my doughs in the blender, and why not, it's less mess! But here's the thing, if you use a blender, the order of things changes a bit. You can make this the traditional way, mixing the wet into the dry ingredients etc. But if you do it my way, then this is how:

Separate your eggs into two small mugs, or dessert bowls, the yolks in one, the whites in the other. Put your egg white into the blender and whip until frothy. Pour them back into the original bowl/mug, set aside.

Place whole almonds and grind in blender. You'll have some chunks and it won't be super fine, but that's okay, almonds get nice and soft when cooked. You could use almond meal if you prefer, but I only make this recipe with whole almonds since it's more affordable. Once your almonds are ground into a gritty flour, add:
brown rice flour, tapioca, flaxmeal, egg yolks, honey, oil, liquid (almond milk) and salt.
Take a spoon and mix lightly so your milk will pour to the bottom of the blender.

Start blending! When the dough is smooth, add baking powder and blend more. Add egg whites at the very end, and mix lightly. I like to add the baking powder at the end so it doesn't start it's magic too soon.

Now you're ready to pour your batter into the hot (over medium) skillet. The other wonderful thing about making these in the blender is you automatically have a pouring mechanism for your dough, one less thing to mess up.

I always make these on a non-stick skillet, so I don't need any oil. Use your judgment.

The method to make these is easy, but hard to explain with words. I have to say, Husband M has trouble making these, but I find them easy. Pour enough dough to cover about 4 inches diameter of the skillet in a circle at the centre of the skillet. The second you return your blender to the counter return your hand to the skillet super quickly. Lift the skillet and turn it so that the dough turns in a circle covering the surface of your skillet, about 6-7 inches diameter. The dough should be thin, but thicker than your wheat crepes.

Let cook a few minutes until bubbles surface. Use a spatula to lift your crepe just enough to see the color of the bottom of the crepe. If it's a medium brown then it's ready to flip. Now make sure to scrape the side of the entire crepe (in a circular motion) to loosen before bringing your spatula to the center of the crepe. The entire crepe needs to be gently loosened before flipping. If you put your spatula under the middle of the crepe and lift before loosening the sides, it will tear.

                                                          This is what it looks like on side 1

Flip. Cook another couple of minutes. When it seems edible, it's ready!

                                                                             Side 2

Spread butter on it. And all other toppings you desire. I love to drizzle a little maple syrup on it, then throw on a big spoonful of chopped strawberries, with a dollop of organic whipped cream. Spread unto entire surface of crepe then roll!!



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  1. Wow these look amazing! I cannot wait to try them!!