Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breakfast In A Cup

Nap times are so important for My Lovely Toddler. Well, not so important for her, but for me. I need nap time to come around like my Husband M needs his bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to the bone, every molecule of my soul loves them, but they wear me OUT. Anyone who has spend 5 minutes with a two year old will know this universal truth, that nap time is the golden time for any parent.

After getting the diapers changed in the morning, and a Lovely Toddler's breakfast fixed, and a Chatty Baby-squirming-and-crying-and-settled-back-to-a-happy-place, with another dirty diaper, and a water drink spill, clothes changed, and another Chatty baby-squirming-and-crying-and-settled-back-to-a-happy-place followed by snack time and a dirty hands and face wash and a replace shirt and a not-listening-to-mom insident and a must-deal-with-Lovely Toddler, with another dirty diaper, there's not much time for a Mom-eat-your-breakfast-already time. So that's why I have my favorite morning drink just so I can eat something. Or in this case, just drink something. It might be lunch time by the time I get around to drinking it, but it's my morning meal i'm catching up on. So here it is. My Breakfast-In-A-Cup drink.

Did I mention this is raw, vegan, dairy-free and sugar-free?

Breakfast In A Cup

1 1/2 Cup water
1 medium ripe banana
1/3 Cup cashews
1/4 Cup pitted dates
1/4 Cup hemp hearts
1 tbs milled flax seeds
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch celtic sea salt
4-8 drops stevia (sweeten to taste)

How to:
Put all ingredients in a blender except for the water. Put only 1/2 Cup water to start. I find that the wetter it is, the harder it is to get the dates to puree. Add the rest of the water after blending all other ingredients.

Hemp hearts are ridiculously healthy, they are loaded with essential fatty acids, amino acids, they are a complete protein and are full of vitamin B's, C, D, calcium and more. I highly recommend eating them every day. Especially if you're not one to pack in the protein in other foods.

Flax seeds help slow the digestion down, so it's great to eat them with foods that are higher in the glycemic index, like bananas. Bananas are high in sugar, even if they don't taste as sweet as other fruit with a lower G.I. like apples and strawberries. So please don't forget to add in the flax, it's not for taste, but for health- and you won't even notice them.

This is a power-house drink, it's really high in GOOD calories. I know, I mention calories and most of you will run off. People don't always understand that calories are important, and getting your minimum of 1200-1600 (women) is very important. Not eating enough calories to lose weight is unhealthy. But eating bad calories or empty calories like refined sugars, wheat etc is not good either. So, make sure to eat up, especially with those healthy calories. I don't have time to eat 3 meals a day when I'm alone with my kids during the day, most days I don't eat till noon. So I need to have something that will fill me up and replace all of those calories I missed out on in the morning. This drink is uber-filling with around 550-600 HEALTHY calories. It's almost half my daily amount! But if my day is anything like today's, or the previous days, this drink saves me from shrinking into bad health. I'm not saying it's a great thing skipping breakfast, but if your lifestyle is so hectic that you must, then please, indulge in a Breakfast In A Cup!



  1. Suzanne, you could try your 'breakfast in a cup' with pure pineapple juice, so yummy. And occaisionally, for extra protein, if you have access to good farm eggs, add a raw one to make it extra creamy and yummy. I like almonds in mine sometimes, and/or sunflower seeds. Keeps me going from 7 till noon, dealing with a couple dozen hyper-active wonderful kids!! Love your blog!! de Therese

  2. Thanks Therese~ I love fresh pineapple, I will definitely try it next time I have some in hand. I have wanted to try raw eggs for sometime, but have been a little 'chicken'. I think I will give it try though. Great ideas, Merci!! xo

  3. Finally! A breakfast for the non-mom but crazy busy 3 job musician!